Although we know very little of Jeffrey Cheung’s background, we enjoy the few things we’ve managed to dig up regarding his work and spare time: 

  • He makes insanely large (~12x16 ft.) queer paintings of what appears to be middle-aged men in twisted positions, reminiscent of Keith Haring and Picasso’s surrealist paintings.
  • He’s in this rad band Meat Market that we caught at the tail end of SXSW this year thanks to Yasi & Rachel, who introduced us to them over a bottle of MD 20/20…
  • He’s got a huge mural in the Mission overlooking the Brick and Mortar Music Hall as an attempt to have more queer street art in San Francisco

Check out more of his work on his website and be really jealous of the fact that we’re lucky enough to own one of the black and white linocuts pictured above.

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